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Antique Furniture and Paintings

Advisory Services

Inventory and cataloguing of collections
Janet prepares written inventories of private, public and institutional collections, based on an on-site inspection. Inventories include physical descriptions of all items, their measurements and photographs, and a detailed history of the works. Such inventories are useful for ongoing maintenance of a collection and can be invaluable in situations where pieces are damaged, stolen or lost.
Research and authentication
Janet provides research services to substantiate valuations. This involves documenting the value of similar items, researching current prices for comparable pieces offered by dealers and galleries, and compiling selling prices from recent sales. If there are questions regarding authenticity of a piece, Janet will arrange for authentication services by experts in the relevant field. She can also arrange for scientific testing of the item if required.
Fine art and antiques conservation and restoration
Fine art and antique collections require regular inspection and care to maintain their condition and value. Janet inspects and reports on the condition of a single piece or an entire collection, coordinates cleaning. She acts as a consultant regarding reframing and other conservation services, and provides advice on restoration requirements.

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