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Appraisal Services

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is an informed opinion of the value of an object, based on an in-person inspection of the item or photographs of it, knowledge and research into the value and recent selling prices of similar items and the review of available documentation, such as provenance and sales receipts. Antiques can have different types of valuations - insurance valuations and valuations for sale, for example - and each meets a specific need.

Janet provides professional appraisal services for sales, insurance coverage or claims, probate processes, donations of art works, estate planning, and the division of assets due to divorce proceedings or for family member distribution. Her written appraisals - whether simple valuations for sale or complex inventories for insurance purposes -- are formal, dated, written documents, supported as required with background or research information and photographs. Janet's reports meticulously conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of The Appraisal Foundation. Janet can also provide expedient verbal appraisals when time, the items in question or other circumstances warrant a more informal, lower-cost approach.

Valuations for Sale

Janet provides verbal and written estimates of the current market value of antiques and artworks for clients considering the potential sale of their pieces. It is important to note that unlike some other antiques appraisers, Janet is not a dealer and will not buy directly from clients, as she considers this to be a conflict of interest. If appropriate, however, she will provide advice about potential sales opportunities, and she has considerable experience as an intermediary for sellers, managing single items and extensive collections through local and international venues. Janet also organizes and prices items for estate sales.

Valuations for Insurance Purposes

Thefts of fine art and antiques continue to rise, making a full and comprehensive inventory and valuation very important not only to institutions and serious collectors, but also to private individuals. Janet prepares a complete inventory at the client's home, providing a detailed description of each item, a photograph of it, and an estimate of its replacement value. Individual high value items can be quickly updated to reflect changing market values.

Valuations for Probate

Valuations are required for probate purposes before an estate can be settled. Janet regularly conducts such valuations, and can make arrangements for the secure removal and storage of high-value items as necessary.

Valuations for Estate Planning, Family Division and other family circumstances

Janet prepares valuations to assist individuals in estate planning, in the division of property among family members, or for the purposes of divorce proceedings.

Valuations for Charitable and Cultural Property Donations

Janet regularly carries out appraisals to meet tax requirements for charitable donations of artworks or cultural property. The Canada Revenue Agency requires an appraisal for the tax-deductable donation to a registered charity of art works whose value is greater than $1000. Such appraisals are also required under the special tax rules for the donation of artworks or antiques that have been deemed to be cultural property.

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